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About This Site

This website is operated by the office of project「collaborative activity support for the development of safe school and community up to international standards, which was adopted by Implementation-Support Program (R&D results integrated Type) promoted by Independent administrative agency, Japan Science and Technology Agency, Research Institute of Science and Technology for Society. The program introduced on this website, integrates and consolidates multiple R&D outcomes produced by RISTEX research area “Protecting Children from Crime”. This program provides collaborative activity support for the development of safe school and community up to international standards.Through the Application Exampless you can get the project and event information of of our program from 2013. See more details about each program, please contact related organization introduced in the 「Program Support Group」.
We hope through this website to introduce our program or application examples to as many concerned as possible, school, area aiming at being certificated as Safe community or international safe school and people concerned, so that they can make good use of them.


>> English version guidebook PDF is here.