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This website is operated by the office of project「collaborative activity support for the development of safe school and community up to international standards, which was adopted by Implementation-Support Program (R&D results integrated Type) promoted by Independent administrative agency, Japan Science and Technology Agency, Research Institute of Science and Technology for Society. The program introduced on this website, integrates and consolidates multiple R&D outcomes produced by RISTEX research area “Protecting Children from Crime”. This program provides collaborative activity support for the development of safe school and community up to international standards.Through the Application Exampless you can get the project and event information of of our program from 2013. See more details about each program, please contact related organization introduced in the 「Program Support Group」.
We hope through this website to introduce our program or application examples to as many concerned as possible, school, area aiming at being certificated as Safe community or international safe school and people concerned, so that they can make good use of them.

[Collaborative activity support for the development of safe school and community up to international standards]

This project utilizes the research results obtained from the R&D Focus Area 「protecting children from crime」, and spreads the scientific knowledge and methods to support collaborative activity for the safe school and community development of international standards. Specifically aims at making the implementation-support program such as [ scientific evidence based program], [Program to record the trauma caused by accidents or violence, etc and occurrence frequency.] and [method or criteria to evaluate the program, process, the impact of change ]more available to related entities who are devoted to safe school or community development, and getting research findings into practice.
In the project period from 2013 to 2015, we aim to implement the project experimentally mainly in schools and area working for certification of safe community or international safe school, and after the completion of the project, and we expect the spread the project to the various organizations involved in the safety of children .

RISTEX Focus Area [protecting children from crime]

R&D Focus Area [protecting children from crime](implementation period 2007-2012, program director: Tsuneo KATAYAMA, Professor Emeritus, University of Tokyo/  Chairman NPO Real-time Earthquake Information Consortium) makes researchers join forces with people who work in the filed for the safety of the child, and conduct activities practicing methods and scientific knowledge to produce effective measures sustainedly. This project integrates research results obtained from 6 out of [protecting children from crime] Focus Area`s 13 projects

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