Descriptions of terms

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An English word which refers to, the available body of facts or information indicating something. In the field of health care and this research project, it means “scientific basis”, that is “support” based on research results such as investigation or experiments.

ISS: International Safe School

This school, based on evidence, is internationally recognized as being able to practice sustainable safety promotion. Having recommended by the WHO Collaborating Centre on Community Safety Promotion, it started in 2003. As of December 2015, 140 schools around the world, including 22 schools in Japan, are certified.

Plan-Do-Check-Act Cycle

A business management cycle theory that enables continuous business improvement by repeating 4 step activities – Plan, Do, Check and Act. There is a case practicing as PDCAS cycle by adding another step of Share, such as Safety Promotion School.

SC: Safe Community

A community recognized internationally, the entire community has been practicing programs that improve safety in fields such as crime prevention, disaster prevention and accident prevention. Along with the International Safe School, it is required to improve by practicing the PDCA cycle based on evidence. 363 communities around the world, including 22 communities in Japan are certified by November 2015.

Safety Promotion

An activity that prevents accidents or violence by the scientifically assessable interference and the cooperation beyond specialized fields in order to enable residents to live safely and make them feel at peace. It is Safe Community that practices its activity and is internationally recognized.

SEL: Social and Emotional Learning

A program for preventive education that is designed to prevent students in elementary school and junior high school from misconduct or becoming a victim. In particular, it is a learning program for social skills and emotions with an emphasis on interpersonal relationship ability and development of self-esteem.


An English word meaning inspection or observation. The word Monitoring is similar, but surveillance implies the prevention of an occurrence of a problem from being overlooked.

3E approach for injury prevention

The 3 points of view, that is Education, Enforcement, and Environment or Engineering, are important factors for a science-based approach to prevent injuries.