Safe Community Design Support Program

To promote the development of international level safe community, it is important to conduct the folowing program

  • 1 Evidence-based program
  • 2 Program to record the trauma caused by accidents or violence, etc and occurrence frequency.
  • 3 Method or criteria to evaluate the program, process, the impact of change.

Then introduce the secondary program to support these programs.

Program List

  • To invent seals and tools that easily check out dangerous or attractive area in the town.
  • By using the tool, information about the town, such as dangerous areas can be organized quickly by walking through the town
  • Even people who don’t participate in making the map can easily identify the attractive and dangerous areas in the town at first sight.
  • With GPS and IC recorder, a scientific safety checking map can be made easily!
  • “Community Walking Set” will be released. The maintenance fee is almost nothing!
  • Used for a model work by The Ministry of education, culture, sports, science and technology in Japan (MEXT) and
    for a training session by Japan National Crime Prevention Association. Developing towards nationwide!
  • To Protect in The Region “Children’s Safety”

①Subject on hidden dangers of children rising
Mobile phone is a media that gives the ” peace of mind ” to us . However, there is a risk that the children`s ability of Hazard prediction, independence ect, which could have been obtained from social life, is less likely to be improved. It is expected to rethink the cellphone usage attitudes and take control of cellphone usage habits not to rely too much on cellphone at ease.
②Evils of net communication
Digital communication using the Internet have spread also amongs the teenagers, the resulting is that bullying and cybercrime become social problems . To deepen the understanding of the digital world of young children, questionnaire survey and other measures are conducted. It helps us to think of the formation of child-centered internet communication environment scientifically

  • Through work using your senses, visualize and rediscover how to use the smartphone for yourself and your kids
  • To make an opportunity to talk about the smartphone use at home
  • A workshop learning material, suitable to implement anywhere such as school
  • Hints and Guide for planned crime prevention-oriented community