Bicycle Accident Prevention Workshop

Application Examples


It is stated bicycle accidents are at most of accidents occur to primary school students (From Safety Knowledge Recycling Society Construction Report in 2008). Comment on key points of preventing serious injuries in a bicycle accident based on the scientific data.

Outcome (from follow-up qustionnaire)

Prevalence rates of bicycle helmet use among children increased after the workshop

Application Examples

  • provide local people with traffic safety instruction
  • riding safety instruction for bicycle user held in primary school
  • children guardians gathered in the activities such as orientation for new students, round‐table conference for sharing experience of home safety and accident prevention

Outline of the Workshop

inspect places where injury is easily causes in bicycle accident, make people aware of the importance of bicycle helmet use by the accident example that caused serious injury. the importance of brake adjustment is confirmed by the experiment of mechanism of controlling brake force adjusting to child growth.

Advantages of the Application

it become a convincing teaching materials that the importance of bicycle helmet use and brake adjustment is proved by scientific evidence

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