Recommendation of injury prevention

Application Examples


Lecture on importance of injury surveillance(collection of systematic data on injuries), which is regarded as the basis of injury prevention, method, practical use of safety education materials based on scientific knowledge gained from the injury surveillance.

Outcome (from follow-up qustionnaire )

  • Do not neglect what you noticed. It is recognized more effective to view latent danger scientifically and objectively.
  • It is necessary to learn more about danger beyond general knowledge rather than learn from injury.

Application Examples

  • Training for students health and security workers and managers of primary and middle school
  • Training for staff of child care facilities such as nursery school, kindergarten, child center and Gakudohoiku (care of schoolchildren outside of school time)

Outline of the Workshop

For more information please see the free Introduction of the Workshop, while the examples are also introduced in real workshop


Advantages of the Application

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