Social and Emotional Learning of 8 Abilities at School(SEL-8S) Program

Conduct education for preventing primary and middle school students suffering from delinquency or becoming juvenile delinquents. Specifically, develop SEL-8S study program focusing on improving interpersonal skill and self-esteem in children, put the program into long-term practice with the cooperation of universities and children guardians.


Social and Emotional Learning is the summary of all Psychological education programs considered the important and practised widely throughout Europe.

Chid behavior problems and interpersonal skill

Child’s behavior problems or school maladaptation(play truant, bully,juvenile delinquency,drug abuse and cell phone or internet use problems) have its source in poor interpersonal relationship.

Application Examples

Expectation to SEL

It used to improve the social skills making the basics of human relations in daily life, however, nowadays, opportunity of child learning from social environment becomes less with the social change, and people tend to rely more on the school education.

Practical results in the Europe and USA

It is reported not only the number of high‐school dropouts is decreasing but the study ability is also improved by conducting the SEL program throughout the whole town or city

The SEL-8S program

The SEL-8S(Social and Emotional Learning of 8 Abilities at the School)is a program drawing on the experience of SEL, combining the accepted social abilities focused in SEL with Japan’s educational circumstances, to make it a more effective learning program


The difference with other psychological education program

Most of the existing psychological education programs are focusing special or some parts of social skills, but this program aim at comprehensively cultivating the students’ social ability. Moreover, the program connects with subject learning, class activities, school events and can operate by a class, grade or school unit.


Cultivate 8 social abilities

Cultivate 8 social abilities ①Self-awareness,②Social awareness,③Self regulation,④Relationship management⑤Responsible decision making,⑥ Skill of life problem prevention ⑦Ability to deal with important issues in life⑧Active contribution these 8 social skills were brought up.

Advantages of the Application

Educate Through Entertainment and Learn Through Lively

Activities such as paper theater, picture‐card show, game, physical activity, role play, game of rhyming, the students can learn and acquire knowledge in a light and happy atmosphere

Application Examples

Expanse of the Practice in Japan

In Fukuoka Prefecture, premeditated practice was gradually started in the whole school, expectations placed on the SEL-8S program are particularly high.

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implementation of interpersonal skill cultivation program for preventing crime against children and crime from children in school.

((from the website of JST Protecting Children from Crime)

According to 「Problems in the student instruction」(The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology)violent behavior or bullying among primary and middle school students hasn’t decreased, besides, it is claimed the general awareness decreased. It is necessary to reduce the delinquency or crimes and the suffering from delinquency .This activity aims at premeditatedly improving children’s social ability that declined with the change of the life experience in quality and quantity nowaday, through the interpersonal skill cultivation program, basing on this to improve model behavior, then preventing crime against children and crime from children in school, correcting children’s behavior who are sent into children’s self-reliance support facility

participants cooperating with research and development:
・The Iizuka-shi Board of Education in Fukuoka Prefecture
・The Tachiarai-machi Board of Education in Fukuoka Prefecture
・Several public primary and middle schools in Fukuoka and Miyazaki
・Fukuoka Prefectural school (children’s self-reliance support facility)

The developed learning program has been introduced into school or children’s self-reliance support facility in this way and put into practice.