Learning Risks in Sports


Use sports reporting data of Japan Institute of Sports Sciences / National Training Center,and explain lively and make it easy to understand the deaths,serious injuries and accidents caused in different sport events by using illustration ; Also can learn how to use AED and countermeasure to sunstroke.

application example

To follow the school’s study guide essentials when carry this course out.The course should be applied flexibly as one of extracurricular activities relating to health care,life ,sports and home course.

Outline of the lecture

  • Summary of the sport accident(Number of occurrence,conditions,Number of it caused by diffirent sport events.)
     -Deaths,serious injuries accidents
     -Accidents caused by playing baseball
     -Accidents caused by playing football
     -Accidents caused by playing basketball
     -Accidents caused by other sports
  • Impotance of AED
  • Prevention from sunstroke.
  • Benefit of the application

    It could increase opportunities that all of us to think safety measures, through planning and implement some programs preventing injures in which children is the main part.

    Excerpted version

    Microsoft PowerPoint - スポーツの安全